L.O.L./LOL (Lords Of Lyrics): Heaven Or Hell: CD

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This is a Pre-Order for the "White Disc" CD version of L.O.L.'s "Heaven Or Hell" album!!! This album will ship out on February 27th, 2021 (Saturday).
Please be on the look out for our upcoming "Silver Disc" version as well!
  • Shipping: 2/27/2021

 ***(DISCLAIMER: The pictured CD’s a placeholder photo. Photos of the actual CD's will be updated once received)***

Please be sure to grab both vinyl versions, and the www.MintUnderground.com EXCLUSIVE Cassette Tape!!!


Description: This is a dope gangster funk album by L.O.L. (Lords Of Lyrics) called, "Heaven Or Hell". This super tight G-Funk album was only available as promo copies on vinyl (with plain/no artwork cover), CD (with full artwork), and a plain white with black labeled cassette tape due to the album being shelved. This retail ready album is now available to us all in CD format.

Condition: (See available options and pricing)

Label: Franchise Records/MintUnderground.Com/Most Wanted Records

Catalog: MU001-4

Year: 1996/2020

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. Just Anotha Day
  2. Summer Breeze
  3. Boom Boom Crack
  4. Street Soldiers
  5. Fun e Style
  6. Memory Lane
  7. G-Style (Interlude)
  8. Heaven Or Hell
  9. Free
  10. Eye 4 N Eye
  11. Can U Feel It
  12. Rollin' Wit Tha Flava
  13. Save The Children