South Central Cartel's: Havoc & Prodeje: Truez Neva Stop: Vinyl

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The product in focus is the South Central Cartel's: Havoc & Prodeje: Truez Neva Stop: Vinyl. This is a classic vinyl record released under the labels of Pump Records, G.W.K. Records, and The Vinyl Spot. The catalog number for this product is TVS024. It was initially released in the year 1997 and has been reissued in 2022.

The vinyl record features a track list that includes popular songs such as 'Truez Neva Stop', 'Still Gettin Clowned', 'If U Down Wit Me', 'Fatality Bump', 'Eastsider', 'Da Clipp After Dark', 'G`z Come Out', 'Wake Me Up', 'What Does It Take', 'Get Yo Party On', 'Hataz', 'Now I Lay Me Down', 'Paid N Full', and 'Capable Of Murder'.

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Label: Pump Records/G.W.K. Records/The Vinyl Spot

Catalog: TVS024

Year: 1997/2022

Format: Vinyl

Track List:


  1. Truez Neva Stop
  2. Still Gettin Clowned
  3. If U Down Wit Me
  4. Fatality
  5. Bump
  6. Eastsider
  7. Da Clipp
  8. After Dark
  9. G'z Come Out
  10. Wake Me Up
  11. What Does It Take
  12. Get Yo Party On
  13. Hataz
  14. Now I Lay Me Down
  15. Paid N Full
  16. Capable Of Murder


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