U.D.I./UDI (Unda Da Influence): Drinks On Us: CD

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The U.D.I./UDI (Unda Da Influence): Drinks On Us: CD is a music album released in 2022. The CD is in good condition, as per the available options and pricing. It is produced by NorthCyde Vinyl/LaidBlack Productions and carries the catalog number NCV216.

The album features a variety of tracks, including 'Mobb Wit` Me (Luv To Mobb)', 'Push The Roof', 'Drinks On Us (Feat. Tambora)', 'I`ll Drink To That', and 'Baby By The Wrong B!tch (Feat. TayDaTay of 11/5 & Raw Faw of Pho Balo)'. Other notable tracks include 'Where`s My Drink?', 'Business Neva Personal', and 'Business To Da Smallest (Feat. Lil` Daddy & Lil Rell)'.

Additional tracks such as 'Golden State Soldiers', 'Real N!ggaz (Feat. Pho Balo)', 'Waiting To Inhale (Feat. Mark C)', 'Trunk Knocking Music (Feat. Hennessy of 11/5)', 'Keep Ya Head To The Sky (Feat. Kwanza)', 'Spend Wit` My Crew (Feat. Cloud 9)', 'U.D.I. Til` I Die', and 'A Drunk Ain`t Sh!t (Feat. AYOFEME)' are also included. The album is a must-have for fans of U.D.I./UDI and the genre.

Condition: (See available options and pricing)

Label: NorthCyde Vinyl/LaidBlack Productions

Catalog: NCV216

Year: 2022

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. Mobb Wit' Me (Luv To Mobb)
  2. Push The Roof
  3. Drinks On Us (Feat. Tambora)
  4. I'll Drink To That
  5. Baby By The Wrong B!tch (Feat. TayDaTay of 11/5 & Raw Faw of Pho Balo)
  6. Where's My Drink?
  7. Business Neva Personal
  8. Business To Da Smallest (Feat. Lil' Daddy & Lil Rell)
  9. Golden State Soldiers
  10. Real N!ggaz (Feat. Pho Balo)
  11. Waiting To Inhale (Feat. Mark C)
  12. Trunk Knocking Music (Feat. Hennessy of 11/5)
  13. Keep Ya Head To The Sky (Feat. Kwanza)
  14. Spend Wit' My Crew (Feat. Cloud 9)
  15. U.D.I. Til' I Die
  16. A Drunk Ain't Sh!t (Feat. AYOFEME)
  17. Laidblack "Ghetto Dreams" (Feat. Charles Baxter)


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