2 Black 2 Strong: Doin' Hard Time On Planet Earth: CD

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Harlem's confrontational 2 Black 2 Strong (members Mean Gene, Johnny Marrs, Warchild, C Dogg, and Dark Chocolate) came with the intense backing of MMG. Previous to their 1991 debut Doin' Hard Time On Planet Earth, 2 Black 2 Strong had already fired up a lot of controversy in the same year with their early 1991 EP Burn Baby Burn, This shorter variety spotlights a controversial flag-burning ditty and tipped off the subject matter of the title track. Relativity's tape manufacturer refused to press promotional copies, since "Burn Baby Burn" included the line, "F*ck the red, white and blue."

1991's Doin' Hard Time On Planet Earth was one of the strongest, foremost, and rejected rap releases in the early 90s. Although at times the Harlem MC can be excessively discordant and overly explosive, and rebellious, he's also (at times) got a meaningful thrust about him in a very incentive way when addressing social and political issues (gutsy). The track "Skulls" decries the crack epidemic with frightening accuracy, while "War on Drugs" asserts that the civil-rights violations occurring in response to the plague are as bad as the plague itself. "Iceman Cometh" tends to unfairly generalize about law enforcement, although its point about excessive force is well taken. As the early 90s went by 2 Black 2 Strong unfortunately vanished from the political rap scene and remain undeservedly obscure. This album has the same sound that ONYX showcased on their debut album with rhyme style of Naughty By Nature and Das EFX.

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Label: Clappers/Relativity Records

Catalog: 88561-1071-2

Matrix: REL 10712 01@

Year: 1991

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. Ghetto Blasta
  2. Skulls
  3. Only The Strong Survive
  4. Up In The Mountains
  5. Across The 110
  6. Ice Man Cometh
  7. 2 Black 2 Strong (Feat. Gamilah Shabazz)
  8. War On Drugs
  9. Burn Baby Burn
  10. MMG Shoot Out


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