Cold World Hustlers: Iceland: CD

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Description: This is a super tight San Francisco, California G-Funk album titled, "Iceland" by the G-Rap duo known as, "Cold World Hustlers". This Bay Area rap/hip hop staple contains production by Reggie, T.C., The Enhancer, E-Sic and the Cold World Hustlers as well. There are a lot of other know Bay Area rap artists, who are featured on the album like: Female Fonk, 11/5, U.D.I. aka Under The Influence, Dre Dog aka Andre Nickatina & Cougnut of the group I.M.P./Ill-Mannered Posse/Ill-Mannered Players.

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Label: Cold World Hustlers Records/NorthCyde Vinyl

Year: 1995/2021

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. Cold World
  2. Cold Day In Hell
  3. Everyday Thang (Feat. One Tyme)
  4. Run So Fast (Feat. K-Love)
  5. Nasty Lyrics 95'
  6. Straight Doin' It
  7. The Zone (Feat. Female Fonk)
  8. Iceland
  9. 415 Reasons (Feat. 11/5)
  10. Lil' Homie
  11. Cold World U.D.I. (Feat. U.D.I)
  12. Jeffrow
  13. One Time Too Many
  14. Dirty Bitches (Feat. T.C., O.G. Kevi Kev & Charles Baxter)
  15. Taste Da Hate (Feat. Dre Dog & Cougnut of I.M.P. (Ill-Mannered Posse)
  16. [2021 BONUS TRACK] Cold Day In Hell (Remix)