High Performance Entertainment: Minority Click: Tha Product: CD

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Label: High Performance Entertainment

Catalog: HPE-TP1

Matrix: N/A

Year: 2000

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. Intro
  2. Pop Tha Trunk (Minority Click Feat. Dae Dai)
  3. Lose Lips (Nyke Loc)
  4. Kingpin (Big Shug)
  5. Riches Over Love (Lil Ike (Innerstate Ike of M.N.L.D. (Mob Niggas Livin Decent)
  6. Funkin' (Minority Click)
  7. Should Of Stayed Down (Vamp Dogg)
  8. From Day One (Family Oriented)
  9. Give It Up ("G" of Minority Click)
  10. Paid Dues (Qwest)
  11. Punk Bitch (Live)
  12. HomieLuvaFuck (Twizz Loak)
  13. Addicted To Scratch (Nyke Loc Feat. Killa Tay & "G" of Minority Click)
  14. Hustlaz Only (Minority Click Feat. Nyke Loc)
  15. Believe Me (M.N.L.D. (Mob Niggas Livin Decent)
  16. County Blues (Minority Click)
  17. Thought I Told Ya (Pops of Minority Click)
  18. Tha Treatment (K.P.)
  19. Tha One And Only (Dez)
  20. Don't Let 'Em Twist Ya (Lowdown Productions)
  21. Involuntary Improsonment (Mr. Mannish (Hawkman of M.N.L.D. (Mob Niggas Livin Decent)
  22. Give It Up ("G" Mix) ("G" of Minority Click)


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