Julox: Mr. 5150: CD

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This is a dope album called "Mr. 5150" by Julox of The A Town Click. Julox hails from Aurora/Denver Colorado via Port Author, Texas!!!

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Label: Mile High Records

Catalog: ATC12-1

Matrix: 31476AD-01BR MR-5150-RAW 991406-14 62D3-1616

Year: 1999

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. G From A-Town
  2. Homicide
  3. Caught Up (Feat. Peeze)
  4. My World (Feat. Peeze & WIIC)
  5. Def Day
  6. Da Mistaz (Mr. 5150 aka Da Mad Mista, Mr. 211 aka Da Chain Snatcha, Mr. 187 aka Mista Murda)
  7. Da Mad Mista
  8. Getto
  9. Warning (Feat. Lil Rip)
  10. Da 1st Skrilla (Feat. Lil Rip & Peeze)
  11. Reminisce (Feat. Peeze)
  12. Cap Peala (Feat. Fooman & Peeze)
  13. Huh Nigga What
  14. Rain
  15. GETCHORIDEON (Off Da Dome)
  16. Yella Tape Da Sidewalk (Off Da Dome)
  17. Holla Tip Servaz (Feat. Big-E)
  18. Mr. 5150 Part 2
  19. Ask Somebody (Feat. Big-E)
  20. Ride Wit Me Part 2 (Feat. L-Tigg)
  21. Lyrical Representation (Feat. Fooman, Ton & Lil Rip)
  22. SKITSOFRANTICS (Feat. Big-E)
  23. Black Gat Packaz (Feat. Fooman)
  24. The Dead Spek (Feat. Lethal)
  25. Yella Tape Da Sidewalk (Still)
  26. 1 Chance 2 Learn (Feat. Disco & Peeze)
  27. Mississippi And Chambers


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