Professor Griff: Disturb N Tha Peace: CD

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Label: Luke Records

Catalog: XR124-2

Year: 1992

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. The Least We Forget
  2. Blackdraft
  3. Sense Or Shit
  4. Color Confrontation
  5. Disturb N Tha Peace
  6. 2 Minute War...Ning
  7. 7 Wattz Of Reality
  8. Respect Tha Art-Kill-Tech
  9. KKK-Vs-Doo Doo Brown
  10. God Bless AmeriKKKa
  11. Phuck Tha Media
  12. Ti'Ant No B**ch
  13. Sista Sista
  14. Pre-Game Activity
  15. Rebelz Against Tha Develz
  16. 43rd Negative Confession
  17. WLAD
  18. 107. Point Live (At The Slave Theater)
  19. Blax Thanx Pt III

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