Seagram: Reality Check: CD

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The Seagram: Reality Check CD is a classic album from the Rap-A-Lot Records/Seagram Records/Most Wanted Records label. Originally released in 1994, this CD features a collection of tracks that showcase the raw talent and unique style of Seagram. The track list includes hits like "The Town", "Gangsta Livin", "It Don`t Stop", and "Can`t Win For Losin".

This CD also features collaborations with artists such as Gangsta P, Suzette, Angie, YD, and Too Short. Notable tracks include "Bustas, Tricks & Thangs", "Birth", "Where Do We Go From Here", and "Eastside 13 Deep". The album concludes with the tracks "No Matter The Cost", "Gangstas & Players", "The Old School", and "69 Peace To You".

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Label: Rap-A-Lot Records/Seagram Records/Most Wanted Records

Catalog: SEAG03

Year: 1994/2021

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. The Town (Feat. Gangsta P, Angie & YD)
  2. Gangsta Livin (Feat. Suzette)
  3. It Don't Stop (Feat. Gangsta P)
  4. Can't Win For Losin (Vocals by Gangsta P)
  5. Bustas, Tricks & Thangs (Troy Washington)
  6. Birth
  7. Where Do We Go From Here (Feat. Suzette)
  8. Eastside
  9. 13 Deep (Feat. Gangsta P)
  10. No Matter The Cost
  11. Gangstas & Players (Feat. Too Short)
  12. The Old School (Vocals by Gangsta P)
  13. 69
  14. Peace To You (Feat. Down By Law)


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