Various Artists: Out Bac Records: Serv'n Ya Heat Compilation: CD

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Label: Out Bac Records

Catalog: OB 53568-2

Year: 1999

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. That How Tha Game Goes (Little Bruce, Tesz, D-Nutt & B-Legit)
  2. Cheddar Chasen (Telly Mac, Twright & Vonitra)
  3. If It Ain't Me (Qzero)
  4. Still Don't Understand (Pizzo)
  5. Love Thief (Vontra)
  6. Eiffel Tower G's (No Face Phantom, Tesz, Kel, Mainy Moe & Mac Den)
  7. You Don't Know (Twright Feat. Mac Den & Lee Lee Troublemaka)
  8. Come Out And Play (Jaysta Feat. Vontra & Key-Lo)
  9. No One Knows (Tesz & Jaysta)
  10. Are You Ready (Donte)
  11. If U Believe (Tesz Feat. Mully Mac & Vonitra)
  12. Real Shit (Key-Lo & D-Nutt)
  13. Makin Money (Vonitra)
  14. Bread Breaker (Ali & Mully Mac)
  15. Movin On (Vonitra)
  16. I Gotta Go (Vonitra)
  17. Money And Smoke (Tesz Feat. Celly Cel)
  18. Live And Let Live (BMOC)
  19. Jack'n You (Old E., D-Nutt & Tesz)
  20. Right To Remain Silent (Tesz, Bizzy B, Mac Den & No Face Phantom)
  21. Every Dolla I Stash (Skip Dog of E.Z.S.D.)
  22. Serv'n Ya Heat (Twright, Old-E, D-Nutt, Tesz & Mully Mac & Lee Lee TroubleMaka)
  23. Tonight It Rains (Tesz Feat. No Face Phantom)
  24. Platinum Appetite (BOM (Ballers Ona Mission)
  25. You Make Me Feel (Vonitra Feat. Tesz & No Face Phantom)
  26. What We Do (Cool C, Tesz', Key-Lo & D-Nutt)
  27. Cash Flow (Lee Lee TroubleMaka, D-Lo & Three)
  28. I Need Some Help (D-Lo & Three)
  29. Sittin On Gold (Mac Mall, Tesz', Richie Rich, Twright & Vonitra)
  30. Done Deal (Lee Lee TroubleMaka)


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