Nyke Nitti/Nyke Loc: Hustle & Tymin: DVD

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SYNOPSIS: Hailing out of Aurora, Colorado, Nyke Nitti aka Nyke Loc us his short film/documentary. Hustle & Tymin is a docu-drama based off true events from the music career of Nyke Loc aka Nyke Nitti. Ride with Nyke as he takes you through the higs and lows of the music game. From armed robberies to drug stings; follow the man that tried to help put his city on the musical map and all of the obstacles he went through to do it. Hustle & Tymin is directed by Nathan Letteer, with music provided by Mo Heat of Str8 Chek'N Records. This movie includes a cast of Mile High city heavy hitters, who helped bring this story to life.


STARRING: Nyke Nitti, Lonny Gray, Dez Ross, Playa Intenze, Nacole Morton, Shale LePage, Tim Brown, Chris Pettigrew & Luke Banham!!

DIRECTED BY: Nathan Letteer.