Slim and Danja: Thuggin' It 'N' Luv'N It: CD

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Slim & Danja introduces us to that Baton Rouge Bayou G-Funk. Some of the best Bayou G-Rappers appear on this dope album. Some the features are C-Loc of the Concentration Camp/No Limit Records Roster, Thug Addict, Lil Soulja, J-Vaughn of the Concentration Camp, 1st Born, Kasper and many more!

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LABEL: Jam Tight Records



YEAR: 2000




  1. Thuggin' It 'N' Luv'N IT
  2. My Dog (Feat. C-Loc)
  3. Have Money
  4. Skit - If They Come!!!
  5. War Wit Cha (Feat. Thug Addict)
  6. Ballin N-D-Ghetto (Feat. Lil Soulja)
  7. 1-2-3-4 (Feat. Box & Royal)
  8. Ooh-La-Oui-Oui (Vocals by Suga C)
  9. Toot It Up (Feat. J.D. & Lil Soulja)
  10. Skit - 3MG (Break Time)
  11. N-A-S-T-Y (Feat. Mr. Blaze, Deazy & Jackie Dennis)
  12. 99 (Feat. Thug Addict)
  13. I Don't Mind Dyin' (Feat. Deezay)
  14. Skit - Southern's Rudest (Break Time)
  15. Down South Creepin (Feat. Kasper, Lil Menace & J.D.)
  16. Drastic Measures (Feat. J-Vaugh, Lay-Low & Box)
  17. Change Over Switch
  18. Skit - 1st Born (Feat. 1st Born)
  19. BR 2 Texas (Feat. 1st Born)
  20. Slobbin, Bobbin And Wevvin' (Feat. Kasper & J.D.)
  21. Go Down To The Mardis Gras


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