Success-N-Effect/Success N Effect: Drive-By Of Uh Revolutionist: CD

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Label: WRAP Records/Umoja Records

Catalog: WRA 8113-2

Year: 1992

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. Intro
  2. Success-N-Tha House
  3. Confrontation In Mosley Park
  4. Bucking On Dope Niggas
  5. Bullshit Views
  6. Raised From Depression
  7. Brainwashed Niggas
  8. Real Black Soulja
  9. Gameplan
  10. Ultimate Drive-By
  11. Police Brutality
  12. Fuck 1 Time
  13. WBLK (We Be Black)
  14. Black Radio Ain't Black
  15. Pimps & Players
  16. Out Ta Get Rich
  17. WARR
  18. Forty Acres And A Mule (Feat. Chuck D of Public Enemy)
  19. Fuck The System
  20. Comin' Up (Just-N-Me)
  21. Voice Of Uh Black Revolutionist
  22. The Other Level
  23. Change The Dial
  24. Final Call


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