T.K. Kirkland: The Best Of Laff: CD

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Label: Repeat/Relativity

Catalog: 1624-2

Year: 1998

Format: CD

Track List:


  1. Intro/At The Party
  2. A Whore In Church
  3. Why Men Get Up At Night
  4. Confucius
  5. Seven Different Daddies/Pregnant Fools
  6. It Ain't No Picnic
  7. Refreshes Himself
  8. That Ain't My Finger
  9. Sex Maniac
  10. Get A Load Of That...
  11. The Shoe Salesman
  12. Famous Last Words
  13. Caliber Bullet
  14. Dining In Kentucky
  15. The Star In The East
  16. The Missionary And The Tribesman
  17. I Want A Long Black D**k
  18. Not Afraid To Touch Yourself...
  19. What's 6" Long And Has Two Nuts?
  20. Roots/20"/Freedom
  21. Six Feet In Bed
  22. Open Your Legs A Moment...
  23. James Earl Ray/Richard Nixon
  24. Sistas Will Kick A Nigga's Ass
  25. "Grits" Green
  26. N***as And Cops
  27. O.J. Simpson
  28. Climbing On Things
  29. Earl Scheib/Child Pornography
  30. Airplane Disasters
  31. After 400 Years Of America/Super Nigga/Legalizing Grass/Wagon Train
  32. Dr. Gaines
  33. Squeeze My Ass...
  34. The Climax


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