3X Krazy: Stackin' Chips: Vinyl

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Introducing the 3X Krazy: Stackin' Chips: Vinyl, a classic piece of music history. This vinyl record, released under the Dollars & Spence/Most Wanted Records label, is a 1997/2021 edition that brings back the golden era of hip-hop.

The track list includes hits like 'Sickkaluffa', 'Keep It On The Real', 'Rollin 100`s', and 'Stackin Chips', featuring artists like E-40, Harm, Mr. Spence, and more. This vinyl is a must-have for any serious music collector or hip-hop enthusiast.

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Label: Dollars & Spence/Most Wanted Records

Catalog: MWR19

Year: 1997/2021

Format: Vinyl

Track List:


  1. Sickkaluffa
  2. Keep It On The Real
  3. Dem N!ggas (Feat. V-Dal)
  4. Rollin 100's (Feat. E-40, Harm & Mr. Spence)
  5. Next N!ggas Ho
  6. Can't F**k With This (Feat. Harm, Seagram & Pleasure)
  7. Open Your Eyes
  8. Stackin Chips
  9. West Coast Sh!t
  10. Pistols Blazin (Feat. Yukmouth & Dru Down)
  11. Stanky Panky (Feat. Knumskull & Mr. Spence)
  12. Ghetto Soldiers
  13. In The Name Of Rame (Feat. Mike Marshall)
  14. Tired Of The Pain (Feat. Christian)
  15. Get 'Em (Feat. Cydal)
  16. 2 Lumps Or 3


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