Young Murder Squad: How We Livin': Vinyl

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Introducing the Young Murder Squad: How We Livin' Vinyl, a unique blend of old school vibes and modern beats. This vinyl record, released under the Smoke On Records label, is a testament to the timeless appeal of hip-hop music. The catalog number is SOR-1035-1, and it was initially released in 1996, with a reissue in 2022.

The tracklist includes hits like 'How We Livin', 'Here We Come', 'Dipin' Wit Da Eagle', and 'Cap Peelin'. The bonus tracks 'Head Up' and 'System Got Me Fucked' add an extra layer of depth to this already impressive collection. Each track tells a story, painting a vivid picture of life and struggles, making it a must-have for any hip-hop enthusiast.

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Label: Smoke On Records

Catalog: SOR-1035-1

Year: 1996/2022 (Says 2021)

Format: Vinyl

Track List:


  1. How We Livin'
  2. Here We Come
  3. Dipin' Wit Da Eagle
  4. Cap Peelin'
  5. BG'z Ta OG'z
  6. YMS In Da Cut
  7. 3 G'z On D'z
  8. Bob Yo Head
  9. To Tha G
  10. Triggers & Clips
  11. Gettin' Paid
  12. Feel The Wrath
  13. What'cha Wanna Do
  14. Head Up (Feat. Sh'Killa) (Bonus)
  15. System Got Me Fucked (Bonus)


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